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                                          Boyd Carrigan


            Office Hours (Monday-Thursday) 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM


                                            Office (801) 845-4052


                                  After Hours (801) 829-2048





             The first priority for firefighters is protecting human life, then preserving property and valuable natural resources.


                 The fire warden is an integral component of the wildland fire protection program in Utah. Responsibility for wildland fire management is a complex mix of federal, state and local laws, policy and cooperative agreements. By law each fire service provider is primarily responsible for fire within their jurisdiction. Because wildland fires seldom remain in a single jurisdiction the cooperating agencies have made agreements that define how we will work together. The Fire Warden is the Division’s critical link between federal agencies and local fire service providers.


Fire Restrictions:


      Highlands Subdivision in Mt Green is currently under a "NO BURN"

FIreworks restriction for Morgan City, Morgan County, and Mtn. Green

Fireworks and Safety Tips

Contact local fire officials for details




Burm Permits and notification are required  (See the Burn Permit Tab next to the Wildland Fire tab for information and printable instuctions) 





Burning Clearing Index (Note: Here you will be looking at Air Shed 5, under the CI (Clearing Index) column scroll down to Air Shed 5 and read the number, if the number is less than 500 the bold is RED = (NO BURN), if the number is 500 or greater the bold is black=good clearing index)


 WFFAAC Newsletter


Wildland/Urban Interface

              > Homeowners Education

              > Community Fire Planning

              > Firewise

              > Currant Fire Conditions and Restrictions




Wildland Fire Preparedness

             > Ready Set Go




Fire Departments

              > Wildland Fire Training

              > Wildland Fire Class (S-130 S-190) Dates

              > Pack Test Dates/Times A,B,C shifts


Fire Prevention

              > Smokey Bear

              > Fire Info
















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