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Wildland Fire

Morgan County Wildland Fire Information

Morgan County Wildland Fire

Fire Warden
Phone 801-829-2048

Wildland Fire

Office Hours
(Mon-Thur) 7:00am to 6:00pm

Office - (801)845-4052
After Hours - (801)829-2048

Contact Numbers

Boyd Carrigan
Fire Fire/EMS Chief  (801)820-2048

Dave Rich
Fire Marshal (801)829-2027

  • Apply for a Open Burn Permit  Please click here to find out more about obtaining a burn permit.
  • The Morgan County Unincorporated Burn Permit is available to complete online between 
    March 30 and May 30 and between September 15 and October 30.
  • To request a burn permit during the closed fire season contact
    Morgan County Fire Warden Boyd Carrigan (801) 829-2048 
  • *When application is complete keep a printed copy with you. Permits are good for 3-days* Burn Permit Information


 Check the weather

If wind is in the forecast, do not proceed with your burn.

Put in any needed fuel breaks

Fuel Breaks are strips or blocks of vegetation that have been altered to slow or control a fire.

Debris should be out in the open

Not near structures or under trees that may catch fire.

Have a water supply available

5 gallon bucket of water and charged garden hose or 5-pound Fire extinguisher works well. 

When your ready to start your burn notify dispatch

Weber Dispatch 24 hrs 7 days a week Non Emergency number (801) 629-8221

Calling Dispatch will notify the closed Fire Department you’re starting to burn

Escaped Fire

You may take every precaution but… unforeseen events do accrue. Like unforeseen wind events or a sparks floating in the air and landing in an area you did not want it to. If your fire escapes stay calm and call 911. This will get help heading your way. Take precautions in suppressing or controlling your fire thinking safety first. If you gain control back you can always cancel the fire department response.      


You cannot burn trash, paper, oil, tires, wooden pallets or construction material. Also the use of burn barrels are no long allowed.   

You must tend to the fire at all times.

You must be sure the fire is out and cold to the touch before leaving it.

You may be liable for suppression costs if your fire escapes control and damages other property.


Pile Burning must meet size requirements for small burn pile shown below.



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