Absentee Voter Information

Who May Vote by Absentee Ballot:


Any person who is registered to vote may vote by absentee ballot.

How to Apply for an Absentee Ballot:


*For County elections, you will only need to fill out an absentee ballot application if you want your ballot mailed to a specific address that is different from your home mailing address.

An Absentee Ballot Application must be filled out for a municipal election and can be done through your City/Town Office.  If you want to be placed on a permanent absentee list, you would file the absentee ballot application with the Morgan County Clerk’s Office.

All printed completed forms should be mailed to the following offices:

    • Regular general and primary elections (held in even-numbered years):  Morgan County Clerk’s office, 48 W. Young St. Morgan, UT 84050
    •  Municipal elections (held in odd-numbered years). If only requesting an absentee ballot for a specific election, not all elections; this application should be filed by mail or in person to the office of the voter’s City Clerk or Recorder.
      • All “Permanent Absentee” requests should be mailed to the Morgan County Clerk’s Office
    • Or you can file an absentee ballot application online at:

Deadline to Apply for an Absentee Ballot


For regular absentee voting, the clerk should receive the absentee ballot application no later than the Thursday before the election. For overseas voters, the clerk should receive the application no later than 20 days before the election. Individuals voting an absentee ballot in the office of their clerk or recorder must apply for and cast the ballot no later than the Thursday before the election.

Deadline for Returning the Absentee Ballot


An absentee ballot is only valid if it is clearly postmarked before (not on) election day and received in the county clerk’s office before noon on the day of the official canvass.  The official canvass for County elections is held between 7 days and 14 days after the election.
For more information about obtaining and voting an absentee ballot, contact your County Clerk or the State Elections Office.

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